DC Cupcakes: A Train Wreck You Can’t Stop Watching

31 Jul

Photo Credit: All Things Cupcake

I had such high hopes for this show, and at this point I’m beginning to think my hopes were too high. So far this summer I’ve found myself hooked to Saturday Cake Boss marathons on TLC. Then later that week I’ll even re-watch those episodes. That is madness! But afterwards I’m always happy with the time I’ve spent and never found myself fast-forwarding through the DVR to get to the end. If only I could say the same for DC Cupcakes.

This week’s episodes were charming, but like I’ve been saying they are completely lacking reality. Here’s what I think: Sophie and Katherine are nice girls but are putting on an even nicer show for the cameras.

No matter how scripted it seems, I can’t stop watching. From the numbers of the premier it looks like you couldn’t stop watching either.  For the series premier 1.124 million of us switched on TLC and 34,000 more tuned in for the second episode. As soon as some current numbers come across our laptop I’ll let you know. I almost hate to say I’m looking forward to next week’s episodes.


3 Responses to “DC Cupcakes: A Train Wreck You Can’t Stop Watching”

  1. ahmad August 1, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Wow thanks for the article it was really informative and exactly what I was searching for. I’m hopeful that you will add similar to this article.

    • ejmbridges August 1, 2010 at 11:52 am #

      I sure will! Like I said, I can’t stop watching for some reason!


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