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As Manly as it Gets

18 Jul

When you think of cupcakes and even cupcake bakeries, your mind drifts to all things pink and sparkly. Hell, even my site is completely pink. Sometimes a girl just can’t help herself. But that doesn’t mean every cupcake shop has to be frilly to the tenth degree and Butch Bakery is proving this true.

NY Daily News

David Arrick‘s cupcakes are becoming more and more talked about, and we can see why. Their sleek look is definitely appealing to men, but you know I (as a woman) still think it’s a great looking treat. They’re a contemporary, modern esthetic, you’d never imagine a cupcake to be.

“I think that we eat with our eyes first before our stomachs and I think that it’s got to be visually appealing, and I wanted something that was going to have an impact from the beginning, right when you see it,” said Arrick.

He wasn’t always a baker though, and after losing his Wallstreet job he took a leap of faith and started a cupcake life. According to him, market research showed it would pay off and boy it sure is. Even reports are showing the local New York economy being boosted by bakeries.

Along with his intense attitude about the cupcake business, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him and his cupcakes.