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Sparkles Don’t Always Shine

9 Jul

Last week, Sparkle Cupcake Company in Lenox Village advertised on Twitter that they were having a $1 cupcake special all day long. I read this little sweet tweet at work and couldn’t wait to get home and take my husband to try our first Sparkle cupcake. From what friends and reviews say, this is a cupcake just waiting for all of Nashville to come taste.

We arrived to the shop to find a sign on the door that said something to the affect of “We had to close to bake more cupcakes we’ll be open again at 6!” Thankfully, it was 6:30, we were safe. As we walked into the shop the millions of boxes around the store caught my attention before the mouthwatering smell could even enter my senses. From this moment on the experience went completely downhill.

One very kind employee told us they wouldn’t have cupcakes that weren’t pre-ordred for a couple of more hours and to come back then. My curious side wanted to know the day’s flavors in order to decide if it would be worth the trip.

As she went on and on (my mind had been stuck at strawberry cheesecake), a not-so-nice employee came out and smarted off something to her and us about not being able to serve more cupcakes for the night. Damn girl, we got the picture. I just wanted to hear about the yummy flavors!

We left with an unfulfilled craving. I guess Sparkle Cupcake Company tasting will just have to wait for another day.

Find their flavors, events, and tweet specials on their sites: