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As Manly as it Gets

18 Jul

When you think of cupcakes and even cupcake bakeries, your mind drifts to all things pink and sparkly. Hell, even my site is completely pink. Sometimes a girl just can’t help herself. But that doesn’t mean every cupcake shop has to be frilly to the tenth degree and Butch Bakery is proving this true.

NY Daily News

David Arrick‘s cupcakes are becoming more and more talked about, and we can see why. Their sleek look is definitely appealing to men, but you know I (as a woman) still think it’s a great looking treat. They’re a contemporary, modern esthetic, you’d never imagine a cupcake to be.

“I think that we eat with our eyes first before our stomachs and I think that it’s got to be visually appealing, and I wanted something that was going to have an impact from the beginning, right when you see it,” said Arrick.

He wasn’t always a baker though, and after losing his Wallstreet job he took a leap of faith and started a cupcake life. According to him, market research showed it would pay off and boy it sure is. Even reports are showing the local New York economy being boosted by bakeries.

Along with his intense attitude about the cupcake business, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him and his cupcakes.

Cupcakes Boost the Economy

17 Jul

Flickr Chris Blakeley

Who knew it was possible that in one of the worst economic times our country has ever seen these delicious delectibles can be held accountable for boosting employment.

In New York City, specifically, the latest unemployment numbers have gone down thanks to bakeries.

“One segment of the industry that seems to be adding the most outlets is cupcake cafes.  This could be a fad, or not,” Barbara Byrne Denham, chief economist at real-estate services firm Eastern Consolidated, wrote in a report Thursday.

I LOVE IT! In a million years I never would have associated the thought of a cupcake fad boosting us economically. I mean I guess in my personal cupcake obsession I have been giving back plentifully to the bakeries and stores for supplies.

Here’s Butter Lane bakery’s owner Pam Nelson‘s rationality to the success of the cupcake craze:

“I think it’s kind of an indulgence and the price point is still low. For three dollars people can buy something for themselves instead of spending 100 bucks on a dinner and still feel like they’re treating themselves.”

This sounds about right, don’t you think? They say chains and smaller shops like CRUMBS Bake Shop and Butch Bakery are all staying strong. I mean how could they not with such yummy treats.

Great article with more details here!

Food Network Looks for Fresh Bakers

11 Jul

Food Network

Lately, I’ve been watching Food Network‘s show Cupcake Wars. It’s a good show and a great way to get your name out there as an up-and-coming cupcake baker. Plus, I’ve seen some pretty inspiring (and not-so-inspring, like tobacco) flavored cupcakes.

As the first season comes to a close, it’s time to find the stars for next season and it could be you! Food Network is holding a national casting call for next season’s bakers. Here’s what you need to know:


We are casting bakers (store owners, caterers, pastry chefs, new bakers…)

NATIONWIDE, so get in touch with us ASAP to apply for the show.

If you think you and your cupcakes have what it takes to compete against the best bakers in the country, then we want to hear from YOU! The winner of the show will have their cupcakes featured at a HOLLYWOOD EVENT and receive WORLDWIDE PRESS!  The winner of each episode also wins $10,000!!!

We’re looking for great bakers with AMAZING personalities in every city.

To be considered for the show, please e-mail us your name, phone number, photo (and website if available!) to: CupcakeWarsCasting@gmail.com

Be sure to tell us what makes you the perfect candidate for “Cupcake Wars”!

Owls are the Business

10 Jul

Photo Credit: The Painted Cupcake

When I think of my mother, I think of two things: the color pink and owls.

Almost like a cupcake sent down from the heavens, I stumbled upon the most quintessential cupcake and cupcakery in Nashville just Googleing new cravings.

My cupcake craving came in the form of a fondant owl from a bakery rightly named The Painted Cupcake.

The cupcakes scream “Mom’s Birthday!”  Oh yes, that’s right, hot pink owl cupcakes. Literal perfection for my mother.

Check out their other amazing creations.