The way I see it, a sweet treat can cure a bad day, a sweet tooth, an empty schedule, the need for a new hobby, the hope for some delicious chocolate, your husband’s indecisive wants and perhaps the transition into a new chapter in life.

For a girl who’s always planned her life to a tee, I’m currently in the whirlwind of learning life doesn’t always go as planned. My dear husband and I are expecting a baby boy to whom we never thought we’d be able to have. In the wake of morning sickness, job transfers and living in a new-to-my husband city life is full of fresh revelations and cravings.

Our bundle of joy has brought me many ever-changing desires and taste-buds that just can’t make up their minds. My new tastes have broadened my recipe interests to sweets and salty concoctions aplenty. In the end, the real search is for happiness in creating simple sweets for friends, family and even just for yourself.

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