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Daily Cravings: Brownie Truffle Pie

25 Jan

Photo Credit: The Family Kitchen

I just died and went to brownie heaven. On top of how fabulous this Brownie Truffle Pie looks, the recipe is super simple! This is most certainly on my “priority to make” list.

Daily Cravings

2 Dec

We all know I love chocolate, and if you didn’t you do now. In fact, ¬†“love” could even be an understatement as to how I feel about chocolate.

During the holidays, finding new chocolate recipes sprinkled with peppermint goodness is like a gift under the tree. Just yesterday I stumbled onto a blog, Our Best Bites, and began craving more than a few of their mouth-watering desserts.

These Peppermint Candy Cane Brownies are at the top of my must-have list. You can just taste the gooey brownies in this picture, and why not toss in some peppermint fun while everyone is up for the flavor.

Photo Credit: Our Best Bites