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S’mores: American Tradition

8 Aug

Last week, I found some crave-worthy S’mores Cupcakes. In following this craving I came to find that this Tuesday is National S’mores Day.

I’m not kidding. There is truly a National S’mores Day here in America. We can thank The Hershey Company and Kraft Foods for giving us one more holiday celebrating sweet sweet treats.

For those of you who don’t know what a S’more is, let me explain.

Photo Credit: Ken Rash

S’mores traditionally consist of graham crackers with a square of Hershey’s chocolate topped with a freshly roasted marshmallow sandwiched with one more graham cracker.  They’re a classic campfire treat that has been shared by families for years. In fact, when I think of S’mores I can remember being a little girl fighting with my brothers over the good spot in the fire to roast our marshmallows.

In honor of this nostalgic treat, I’ll be doing a S’mores treat every day this week. So sit back and get ready for some ooey gooey chocolate marshmallow goodness!

Need some tips on getting your S’more week started? Well, here ya go:

  • Microwave ’em — You can make S’mores, in seconds, right in your microwave. It’s easy; just top each of four graham squares with one chocolate piece and one marshmallow. Place on a microwaveable plate and microwave on HIGH 7 to 10 seconds or until marshmallows puff and chocolate begins to melt. Carefully remove plate from microwave and then cover the S’mores with remaining graham cracker square.
  • Fire up the Fire Pit — Can’t get out to a campground this National S’mores Day? No problem! Make an impromptu campfire setting at home over your backyard fire pit. You can even use real sticks to roast your marshmallows to make yourself feel like you’re immersed in the great outdoors.
  • Sweet Grilled S’mores –Mix it up this year by making S’mores on the grill. Build the S’mores ahead of time then wrap in aluminum foil. Place the wrapped S’mores on the grill and cook 1 to 2 minutes over a medium-hot grill on each side or until the marshmallow is gooey and the chocolate is slightly melted between the graham crackers.
  • Classic Campfire — Everyone loves classic campfire S’mores. If you’re looking for a reason to get together with family and friends before the cold weather returns, plan a camping trip to commemorate National S’mores Day and make the timeless treat the center of your fun. Start by placing half of a chocolate piece on top of half of a graham square. Then, lightly toast a marshmallow over the campfire and place it on top of the chocolate. Finally, top the toasted marshmallow with the remaining graham square half and press together.

Daily Cravings

5 Aug

Photo Credit: Bakerella

S’more Cupcakes.

Chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate ganache. I die!

This isn’t the first S’more recipe I looked over, but it is most certainly one of the most mouthwatering ones I’ve seen lately. How perfect are these for a chocolate craving?