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Cupcakes Claim Disneyland

3 Aug

Photo Credit: The OC Register

A cupcake-selling kiosk in Downtown Disney was a top seller last winter, and now the bakery is getting a permanent location in Disneyland. Owner Janel Mitchell is basking in this busy time saying,

“We were there for the holidays and we just did phenomenal. That’s why we’ve been so busy, just trying to build two places at one time. We bake here, and will deliver there.”

The Cupcake Store, whose main local is Viejo, Calif., plans to open doors in Disneyland in September of this year. Less than a month away, things must be coming along quickly for Mitchell and the cupcakery.

“I love the challenge – and it’s an exciting challenge.”

As an east coast resident, I must say I’m disappointed the cupcakery isn’t opening in Disney World.