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New Year’s Resolutions

3 Jan

Photo Credit: The Cupcake Blog

This year is going to be a big year. In just seven days I start my third trimester! In all honesty last year was not the best, it did however lead me to baking and this blog, which I love. While I’ve got my personal resolutions for the year, I’ve also got special resolutions just for this lovely site.

1. Post, at minimum, every other day. I have no excuse not to, it’s not like I’m not on the computer everyday anyway.

2. Bake more cupcakes. I strayed from my original love and am ready to jump back into the cupcake world.

3. Incorporate more “Stork Stories”. As I get closer to the big day (April 3) I’ve got so much to share! And expect stories and photos of the little one once he arrives.

4. Share my sweets. I know I’ve got a growing baby in me right now, but the weight gain this month was a little more than I’d have liked. While I’d love to completely blame the baby, I think the cookies and cakes had a lot to do with it. So, I will be taking more of my sweet treats to the office so I’m not the only one looking pudgy.

5. Branch out from chocolate. Yes, it’s my favorite, but I’ve been told there are other flavors out there.

Whew, this should be a good year!


Dear Readers…

14 Aug

Due to a very exciting suprise this week my life has taken a major change and the thought of even entering the kitchen makes my stomach much too queasy.

I’m sure most of you can catch my drift.

So, until I can regain an appetite or even the ability to see or smell food on a regular basis again I’m putting The Cupcake Cure on pause.

Thanks for understanding, and please check back soon!

It Begins With a Craving…

28 Jun

Cupcakes seem to be everywhere right now. There’s a new cupcake store in every neighborhood, cookbooks coming out dedicated to cupcakes, even a new television show following a cupcake bakery. Couples are transitioning from the traditional wedding cake to tier upon tier of cupcakes. It’s like I’m living in cupcake land and am now constantly craving the little sweet cakes with creamy frosting.

Rather than running out to one of the million bakeries, I’ve decided to create my own perfect cupcake. I mean why not bake it yourself, it can’t be that difficult, right?

The one problem: I’m not what you’d classify as a great or even good cook or baker.  I am, however, a dessert lover who’s on the search for the ultimate sweet to satisfy my craving. One thing is certain, there will be good food and not-so-good food along the way. But in the end, the real search is for happiness in creating simple sweets for friends, family and even just for yourself.