Other Eats: Chicken Salad

7 Aug

One of my favorite summer meals is a chicken salad sandwich with a tall glass of classic lemonade. And with this being one of the hottest summers ever, I’ll take every refreshing meal I can get.

Growing up, my mom always made a very basic chicken salad. None of that celery or grape stuff, just good ol’ chicken. I’ve added a few spices here and there over the years. It’s an easy treat to whip together whether you eat it with crackers or as a sandwich.

Happy cooking!

Chicken Salad


  • 1 lb. chicken
  • 1 cup mayonaise
  • 2 tbl Durkee’s Sauce
  • Rosemary, garlic pepper, garlic salt, italian seasoning


Rub the chicken with rosemary, italian seasoning, garlic pepper and garlic salt. For a nice deep flavor let the spices marinate over night. Grill the chicken the next day, I use my George Forman (one of my favorite kitchen appliances). Let the chicken set to cool, this also helps to keep the chicken juicy with all those spices.

Once cooled, put the chicken in a food processor until all chicken is shredded into small bits.

In a bowl mix chicken with mayonnaise and Durkee’s sauce. Add more garlic pepper and garlic salt to taste.


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