Cupcakes Deserving of an Emmy

1 Aug

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

It’s not just Food Network having cupcake bakers battle it out for a grand prize. Now, Duncan Hines has joined the war.

The Cupcake Cafe in New York City hosted the competition where ten amateur bakers fought for the chance to serve their cupcakes at a pre-Emmy gala.  So, what was the winning flavor?

Red velvet cupcake with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla bean frosting, topped off with a fresh raspberry. Wow, we’d love to try these.

“I’ve never baked many cupcakes before, but in my head, I wanted a cupcake that had the glamour for the Emmy Awards,” winner Katie Rousonelos said.

Looks like her glamorous cake landed her a trip for two to LA for the award show as well as the chance to serve her cupcakes to more than a few celebrities.


One Response to “Cupcakes Deserving of an Emmy”

  1. Homebake Queen August 1, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    I’m kind of surprised that was the winner… would have thought they’d choose something a little more original? Though perhaps that wasn’t the judging criteria.

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