Cupcakes Cooling Off

29 Jul

Photo Credit: Flickr- Sugarbaby

Cupcakes have swept the nation and cupcake lovers are eating it up, but has the larger fad of cupcakes fizzled out?

Our love for cupcakes is everlasting; however, Yahoo! is saying that cupcakes have “lost their cool.” Recently, New York attributed these tiny treats for boosting the economy and just weeks later they’re being dubbed possible outcasts?

“I was all smiles to find cupcakes at my own birthday this year, but the pretty treats did seem more functional–no cutting, less mess–than cool. How much more mileage do you think bakeries will get from these individually-sized treats?” Sara Fuss of Yahoo!’s Shine said.

Looks like pretty mixed opinions. We think cupcakes are still on the up-hill journey, but we too realize the 15 minutes of cupcake fame won’t last forever.

Other trends to walk the plank in the article are lava cakes, truffle salt, chipotle chile (specifically in mayo) along with a few other interesting choices. In fact, out of their seven fading fads we’d have to say the communal table is the one we’d most like to see go.


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