DC Cupcakes: A Semi-Sweet Treat

19 Jul


DC Cupcakes premiered this weekend and it was good. Not great, not bad, but good. While I was hooked enough to at least watch next week’s episode, I’m hoping it develops a little more.

There are some reality shows that we know in our minds are produced, and then there are reality shows in which producers throw in our faces that they’re putting the scenes together. Unfortunately, these first couple of episodes were more like the latter.

As one reviewer said:

“Ovens simmer and cocoa powder streaks faces, but “D.C. Cupcakes” is marred by the cardinal sin of reality TV: Its subjects are all too aware of the conventions, pantomiming reality in the service of reality.”

Here’s what we liked: The relationship between the sisters and their mom, not to mention their mom and the entire staff. We LOVE the cupcakes, their ideas and enthusiasm.

BUT. It needs to be more natural, less pieced together. We can only imagine how crazy it really is behind the scenes at Georgetown Cupcake on Valentine’s Day with a huge last minute order. And even though that’s what this episode featured, TLC didn’t give us their best.

One review, which I found a little too harsh, is however well stated and a little humorous, definitely worth the quick read.

I’ll give the girls one more chance.


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